Restless to Resilient 1: Introduction to Redesigning Everything

Getting Back Up After Life Knocks You Down

Every one of us at some point has been pushed near the edge or flattened out or found ourselves having to make a choice when neither option seems particularly appealing.

You could give up. You could stay home. You could worry all day. You could fold your arms and purse your lips and decide you aren’t going to make a choice. You could… fail. Or, you could fly. You could soar. You could turn around and stick your tongue out and show the world that you can be ridiculously awesome and successful and-wait for it-happy.

Some of you may be thinking change is terrifying.

It felt pretty scary to me one Monday morning, March 2, 2015, to be exact, as I sat shell shocked at home in my pajamas. For the first time in decades, I had no place to be by 7:30 a.m.


I had left behind my role as a global director of derivatives marketing and sales for a Fortune 100 Company. I decided to take the road less traveled and parted ways with the company and a 20-year-career. I even signed off my talents (or so I thought), for a whole year.

Yes, that Monday morning was scary, but at the same time, I felt relief and even gratitude for having been cornered into making a decision. I knew in my gut that I had set myself up for something amazing.

After a solid month of relaxing, sleeping in and watching TV, I knew I needed a plan…

I faced my fears, reframed my mindset and tapped into my reserve of resilience (and also my savings account, which I nicknamed SWAN. More on that later.) Many incredible human beings and resources held me and supported me through the process. Jamie gave me the gift of accountability. Coach training gave me direction for my new career. Dr. Michael Ray’s book Creativity in Business encouraged me to be more authentic. And, finally, Joseph Campbell’s research and learnings on his path to bliss, a.k.a. The Hero’s Journey provided inspiration.

I became a complete redesign.

And here’s the crazy thing: My life today is so different than I had ever envisioned. Yours can be, too, whether you face a choice or not. Every day I wake up ready for new challenges. Most of my time is spent supporting clients, executives in the corporate world, as they restructure and grow their careers. I help them remain within their frameworks and redesign their current paths. Each learns how to create and build a life that supports exponential growth. This might be surprising to hear, but carving a new path, personally and professionally, only takes a five to 10 percent shift for most of us. I guide my clients there.

In the next few blog posts, I share my personal experience with the hope that it will inspire you to design a life you love. Read the parts of my story and consider the steps I suggest, but make them yours.

  • Take what works for you
  • Dump the parts that sound crazy
  • Practice the bits that sound tolerable
  • Embrace the parts that resonate with your soul and make you want to sing.

Then open your mind to the possibility that living the life you intentionally design can be your new normal.

Action Step #1: Start a mindfulness practice today. Check out my post on beginners tips for mindfulness.


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