Designing Your Reset Retreat

Happy second half 2020! Are you starting to write goals, resolutions, intentions for the fresh start of the second half of 2020? I started my #ReflectToReset process in this past weekend.. I decided to go into reflection before starting my goals list. @RayDalio has a principle, that I love, “Pain + Reflection = Progress”.

I realized I needed reflection time and a staycation, which I named #ResetRetreat. It’s been amazing. I have been doing fun things for the past week (all on zoom, IRL will come again soon).

You can do this for yourself. You must do this regularly for yourself. It’s #EASY and #Free to do.



Action Tip:

1. Do a 15 minute mind map or brain dump of the things that relax you or bring you joy. My list is in the photo below.

2. Now take that list and schedule 2–3 activities this week. If you need a complete reboot do 1–2 things every day.

3. Use your list to schedule activities for 3Q20. Pack your calendar with these things, it will turn an unpleasant day or week around. This is part of your self-care and resilience plan for 2020.

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