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Author: technosites

EX: Cultivating Your Organization To Thrive

I have never left a company. I promise you, like so many American workers, I leave managers and circumstances. I have enjoyed every job I have ever held. The work was challenging and I felt connected with my co-workers. But I’ve had managers whose leadership

Designing Your Reset Retreat

Happy second half 2020! Are you starting to write goals, resolutions, intentions for the fresh start of the second half of 2020? I started my #ReflectToReset process in this past weekend.. I decided to go into reflection before starting my goals list. @RayDalio has a principle, that

Restless to Resilient 2: Name Your Restlessness

Restless to Resilient 2: Name Your Restlessness Have you ever felt that you are living a “paint by numbers” kind of life? That your day in and day out is fully scripted before you open your eyes? That there’s not much room for creativity, innovation