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Expand your skills, discover your authentic leadership style, and thrive in a community of achievers.

The best investment is YOU!

There is no better time than NOW to upskill.

Are you ready #BuildYourOwnAccelerator™ in 2020?


Growth starts with awareness, information and the application of new skills and tools. #BYOA is the first program designed to help you build your own “accelerator” to incubate YOU as a leader. Reawaken and recharge your career passion to engage powerfully with YOURSELF, your team and your organization. Your dreams deserve a partner in 2020.


Ready to step into the next level of leadership? Resilience and leadership skills can be taught, sharpened, practiced and exercised like an athlete. Resilience is not often thought of as a skill you can practice and hone, but a great leader taps into resiliency seamlessly. Learn how to design a transformational workplace & life.

Let's get started!

#Build Your Own Accelerator™ Mastermind Group

Our program takes the best of the group mastermind process AND productivity and combines it with guided soft skills engagement. You may be asking, what does this mean?

Here is the program:

  • One monthly 60-minute group call
  • One accountability partner assignment & call per month
  • Weekly emails with worksheets & assignments to fuel your success
  • One quarterly 2-hour Aligning Your Success interactive intensives group working session
  • One Quarterly Q&A with a thought leader
  • Private LinkedIn Group
  • A curated group to elevate your network

What are you saying yes to?

  • Collaborate and Partner.You can go fast alone or you can go faster and further together. Join the #BYOA community. We will partner and encourage each other. Surround yourself with people that will remind you of your goals.
  • Be all in, all the time. Engagement at work and in life are the keys to fueling your success.
  • Ideas are all around you. Are you prepared to execute when opportunity comes? Stack the deck in your favor. Life is better with the expectations of success. Live your life ready and eliminate distractions by creating routine.

Let’s talk Money…

The community is just launching so founding members will get a subscription discount that will be locked in as long as you stay a member.

Sign up now to lock in your Founder’s discounted price of $297 per quarter. Your discount lasts as long as you choose to stay in BYOA!

Membership Window Monthly Payment Price Quarterly Payment Price Founder’s Lifetime Quarterly Payment
Jan – Mar, 2020 $147.00 $441.00 $297.00*
Apr-Jun, 2020 $197.00 $447.00 $297.00*
Jul-Sept, 2020 $247.00 $597.00 $297.00*
Oct-Dec, 2020 $247.00 $597.00 $297.00*

Membership will open 4 times each year for a limited time. You are committing to 3 months of payments.

Sample Learning Themes

Learning Topics:

  • Clarifying your vision, launching your mission
  • Dealing with your internal dialogue
  • Increasing productivity using daily hacks
  • Harnessing the power of effective listening
  • Creating powerful working relationships
  • Being a relationship magnet

Group Coaching Calls

Our dynamic program teaches you processes that will enable you to break through the limiting thought responses and replace them with supportive, empowering beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action.

Leadership Design Intensives

A strategic deep dive session that focuses on your goals and opportunities. These sessions will generate new ideas, identify your strengths and gaps, and frame an action plan that helps you reconnect to your career.

Here is what’s included:

Personal Accountability

One accountability partner assignment & call per month

Monthly Group Call

One monthly 60-minute group call

Weekly Motivation

Weekly emails with worksheets & assignments to fuel your success

Quarterly Q&A

One quarterly Q&A with a thought leader

Private LinkedIn Group

A curated group to elevate your network

Quarterly Group Sessions

One quarterly 2-hour intensive interactive group working session

Let’s declare 2020 your decade!

Let's get started!