I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
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Myers-Briggs Type Tuesday: INFP

Myers-Briggs Type Tuesday: INFP- Principles Driven Manager Did you know that learning more about Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) helps you gain insight into your leadership style? INFPs are principle driven managers who tend to be open-minded...

Smiling Bal

Leadership Development: Choose Resiliency

Many things are easier said than done when it comes to leadership development and resiliency. Recovering from a set back is one of those examples. “Dust yourself off and start again”. It’s incredibly easy...

Catalysis Coaching Working


The Chemist in me knows that that a great catalyst can increase your yield in a chemical reaction. It speeds up and heats up the process without actually joining the reaction. We all need...