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This conversation explores with thoughtfulness the idea of Self-Care for Coaches. Many coaches know a lot about what they share with their clients to help them with self-care, yet don’t consistently practice the habits that serve them as coaches, leaders, and business owners. 

Bringing an innovative, straightforward approach, she pushes individuals to leave their “Subject Matter Expert” mindset behind and become relationship-oriented leaders that drive their organizations into the future. With a keen talent to anticipate and respond, she helps her clients create actionable plans that mitigate risks and open new avenues of opportunity.

We are transformational risk managers who partner with clients. Together we develop leadership resilience and foresight strategies.

Companies will Work Toward Improving Employee Experiences – Improving employee experience rests at the intersection of culture, technology, workspace, increased touchpoints, and attitude.

Understanding Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts w/ Ebony Smith

Design Your Better Life with Ebony Smith

Discover how to claim yourpower through decisiveness andcreating a set of non- negotiable personal policies.

Ebony Smith Keynote Recap Video From FIU Power-Up Summit International Women’s Day 2019

Stepping into new normals by embracing discomfort

Humans Optimized believes in the power of people who are powered by technology


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