I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
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EX: Employee Experience Design

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”-Peter Drucker

The “Employee Experience (EX)  is defined as a holistic view of life at work, requiring constant feedback, action, and monitoring.” Design thinking is your EX key to increasing employee engagement and shaping your organization’s culture. The Ebenum Equation team works with management to prototype impactful EX programs.

EX:Employee Experience Design

While we love learning and development, we designed another option to increase employee performance.

Employee Experience(EX) uses the best of prototyping, user experience(UX) and leadership development. Design thinking is your EX key to increasing employee engagement and shaping your organization’s culture. The Ebenum Equation team works with management to prototype impactful EX programs from recruitment to retention. We start with discovery sessions that focus on your organizations’s strategy and opportunities. It’s a great way to start the Ebenum Equation employee experience. The session generates new ideas, identifies your strengths and gaps, frames an action plan and helps you design Employee Experiences that are sustainable.

It shifts your HR strategy from “point-in-time” engagement to personalized leadership tools, performance management, innovation prototyping, and curated experiences.

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``We used to prioritize our stakeholders as shareholders first, customers second and employees third. If you put the employee first, they take care of our customers and they in turn take care of our shareholders.``
The Employee Experience:Developing Resilient Leaders Program
Starts with awareness, information and the application of new skills and tools.

Resilience skills can be taught, sharpened, practiced and exercised like an athlete. I work with my clients to add processes and tools, so they can be malleable and adaptable–they have bounce! Resilience is not often thought of as a skill you can practice and hone, but a great leader taps into resiliency seamlessly.

Ebony Smith - Employee Experience Expert

What if your summer picnic or holiday party becomes the Ultimate Employee Experience? A Leadership & Mindfulness Festival…


What if the picnic was milestone of your year EX programming?

People working
People Working

Our Team becomes “Leadership & Mindfulness Festival”

Ebony Smith Speaking at Wework

Let’s curate an experience for your organization.

Our dynamic employee experience workshops and program introduces skills that enable you to break through the limitations — replacing them with innovation, creativity, design thinking and supportive beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action.

  • Creates long term solutions, not just band-aid fixes
  • Gives you greater awareness into how you think, feel, and act
  • Helps you perform better and accomplish greater results with less effort
  • Enables you  to reduce stress by changing your reaction to circumstances
  • Empowers you to be at the cause of your lives, instead of its effect
  • Sets the stage for sustainable change

“I highly recommend the CIJ experience with Ebony Smith—her calm, compassionate and insightful facilitation of the program cultivated a highly impactful collective outcome.”- Lynn, CFA


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