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Foresight Strategy Sessions

Foresight Strategy Practice

The future is not something that just happens to us. The future is something we make.

Foresight is not about predicting the future. Foresight is about imaging and mapping many different futures: positive futures, negatives futures, weird futures and amazing futures. Before a planning cycle foresight refocuses on the possibility rather than the constraint.

Designing bespoke foresight sessions is in our zone of genius.

Strategy sessions should provoke thought, spark innovation and catalyze leaders to challenge the status quo.


Harnessing Hindsight and foresight to create insight

Strategic foresight is the  disciplined approach to systematic individual, collective tools and processes that assist people in using knowledge, culture, creativity, imagination, logic and data to imagine possible futures and their consequences. Futures or foresight practice involves amplified strategic planning to navigate these possible futures – to enhance the probability of contributing or guiding towards desired futures, and decrease the probability or guiding away from undesirable futures.


Foresight invites people across boundaries of class, community, expertise and culture to articulate the important dilemmas on the horizon.

Foresight is the secret ingredient of success, because without foresight we cannot prepare for the future. Effective foresight has always been important in human life, but it is now much harder to come by, because our modern world is changing faster than ever before.

Foresight, in contrast to fatalism, gives us increased power to shape our futures, even in the most turbulent of times. People who can think ahead will be prepared to take advantage of all the new opportunities that rapid social and technological progress are creating.


Foresight helps identify new areas for action and new needs for resources.

  • Understand how future trends will impact organizational  initiatives 
  • Broaden future awareness 
  • Start conversations across departments and silos to build a shared view of the future
  • Catalyze team thought leadership
  • Enrich dialogs with strategic  collaborators and partners
  • Discover new growth opportunities for profitability
  • Right size future investments of time and money into things that important in the future

Foresight practitioners use specialized tools to facilitate personal and systemic discovery, dialogue, insight and related action among interested individuals and/or groups who wish to have more agility, agency and effectiveness, in navigating an increasingly disruptive and unpredictable future.  Use of scanning and sense making, scenario planning, deep consideration of impacts of various individual and overlapping possible futures are all examples of activities that would comprise foresight building efforts.