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Leadership Development: Choose Resiliency

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Leadership Development: Choose Resiliency

Many things are easier said than done when it comes to leadership development and resiliency. Recovering from a set back is one of those examples. “Dust yourself off and start again”. It’s incredibly easy for me to write, but as people we focus on the less than glowing performance review with management or the errors in the data in a presentation to customers. I am here to tell you that resiliency is a muscle, we must use regularly. Resiliency stops us from spiraling downward and focusing on the little things.

We all have dreams and goals, those should capture our attention not replaying past events.

It’s not easy to move forward, but we can and we must. A few practical steps can assist in achieving progress. Leave perfection and ideal outcomes at the door. Tough times call for calculated small steps.

There are 4 steps I want you to consider to power your leadership development.

Review your values. They are your compass and will anchor you in times of trouble. Don’t skip this step, it lays the foundation for progress. Values remind you of your “why”.
I love the work of Joseph Campbell. His Hero’s Journey research is gold for personal transformation. I want you to consider where you are in the process. Just identify your current step and use the model to engage the next step. (Google for more information but here is a video that explains it in 2 minutes. https://vimeo.com/140767141)

In times of trouble, where do you want you be? What do you want? Where were the gaps, threats and weaknesses? What are your opportunities to capture the learnings? What would have made today extraordinary?
What resources do you currently have to assist in meeting the gaps, weaknesses and threats? What additional resources or knowledge do you need? When can you start the acquisition process? I mean in the next 24 hours. The first action begins and the chain reactions start.

Your time to bounce back with resilience and grace starts today. Assess each event for the learnings and then move forward. Failing forward is a muscle that we all need to exercise to build resiliency.

Today is a perfect day to start your Leadership Redesign.

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