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Leadership Development: Playing to Win

Ebony Executive Coach

Leadership Development: Playing to Win

This month’s leadership development blog post was inspired by a quote I read that said we should view our lives as a game board with pieces, token, cards, customized challenges and prizes that we have chosen. I invite you to shift your career perspective by five percent, now helicopter up and take a macro view of your life.

Who are the pieces?

The people that you interact with regularly. They could be family, friends, colleagues, or the local barista. These people have regular and consistent contact with you.

What are the tokens? Describe the milestones or motivations that are on your short term horizon. Do you have “carrots” planted in your life? If not add in motivation. You are worthy of “carrots” picnics, reading in the sun, massages, concerts, baking with friends, or playing basketball. Schedule your tokens, you should think of the self-care activities as energy boosters that recharge your reserves.

I am challenging you to stop feeling tired and drained in your career, you would never carry your cellphone around on 10 percent power and then hope to join a 2 hour conference call. Why do you treat yourself this way? Plug into your joy and recharge your batteries. My personal practice is to seed my life with carrots 3-6 months in advance. This year I planted “John Legend” tickets, brunch with friends, lectures, and weekly walks with friends on different days (workout and social in one activity).

What are the cards? Life has a way of handing us cards that we would rather not play. The cards can be traffic delays on a morning you have an important meeting, broken appliances, spilled food on your shirt, or timelines slip on a project. In these moments, look at helicoptering up on your game board called life, then unleash your creativity. You can play these cards and accomplish your goals. Getting lost in one card does not serve your highest good, looking at all your cards is the best option.

How are your prizes and challenges serving you? These are your why. Think about the motivation and milestones in your life. Your prizes should serve your leadership development powerfully. All of the daily doing should be based on choices that serve your career evolution and help in your next.
As you helicopter up and view your life as a game board, take a flashlight and view every obstacle as an opportunity to expand your awareness and fuel your growth.

PS. The photo is of me (finally) winning a round of dominoes with friends. Celebrate whenever you can!