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Leadership Development: Step Into It the Leadership Gap

Watch the Gap

Leadership Development: Step Into It the Leadership Gap

Stop Minding the Leadership Gap and Step Into It

As a coach, I work with my clients to increase their resources by creating a personalized toolbox. The leadership toolbox includes activities, tools, and tips that assist them in aligning goals and objectives. When I first introduce the concept, many are skeptical, but continue the process of shifting to a growth mindset. The shift always happens 3-5 tools into the process. Without planning, they use part of the toolkit in a challenging situation at work. Voila! These experiences are always the catalyst, that accelerates the client’s growth. The next session they come back with the focus and passion to learn more tools.

A story this week, made me smile. I emphasize to clients a coaching definition of a leader.

You are a leader the moment you are aware of your energy and the energy in room. Anyone can be a leader, you check in with your energy and decide how you will influence the moment.

This concept can sound foreign. Think of a time you have been in a meeting or on a conference call and you can see the interactions going down a rabbit hole. Secretly you wish, hope, pray that someone would step into the leadership gap and course correct the meeting. But it does not happen. So if you were like me on my global calls, you start texting or instant messaging other colleagues on the call with messages like WTH?!, this does not meet strategy, or clearly they do not know our customers.

The frontline staff often hesitates to step into the gap because the thought of taking on one more project annoys them. Which leads to side conversations, decreased engagement, and lost connection with organizational leadership.

The solution is to practice stepping into this leadership gap. As the employee, you must act. Be respectful, be courteous but be a leader who utilize the resources and data available to bridge the leadership gap.