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Office Politics: Successful Networks and Career Influencers

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Office Politics: Successful Networks and Career Influencers

Successful Networks and Career Influencers

Let’s face it working with people is an important part of our success in society. Intentional action will transform your relationships while creating successful networks achieving the results you are seeking. Three tips to use this week to step out of politics and into building successful networks.

1. Identify the relationships that are vital to your success as a leader. Remember to include reports, peers and managers, these are your influencers.

2. What is your ideal result with your career influencers?

3. How can your organization benefit from you building a positive relationship with the influencers?

4. What steps can you start this week?

This Havard Business Review article has great tips and context to help you explore this topic.

“Good politics, on the other hand, involve advancing one’s interests but not to the neglect of other people’s rights or the organization’s legitimate interests. Good politics include acceptable ways of getting recognition for your contributions, having your ideas taken seriously, and influencing what other people think and what decisions get made.”


Ebony Smith is an executive coach specializing in growth, resiliency, and creating high energy relationships. Her typical clients are mid-career to senior executives that are successful but feel like a 5%-10% shift is needed. They are leaders who possess unrecognized and underutilized skills or strengths. Ebony works with each person’s unique business acumen to develop a personal toolbox of leadership skills . The clients learn to be all-in, all the time. #CorporateCultureMatters #theresiliencearchitect

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