I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
Miami, FL
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We are an executive coaching and leadership development training firm. Our services are at the intersection of design thinking and the coach approach to leadership development. Our approach uses the best of design thinking, user experience (UX) methodology and leadership development to create an Employee Experience.


Our mission is to

Design the space between You and X. A set of core principles, methods and tools that you can use to create better interactions between you and the people who matter most.

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Coaching Services

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The Resilience Architect
Leadership Design Program

Starts with awareness, information and the application of new skills and tools

Resilience skills can be taught, sharpened, practiced and exercised like an athlete. I work with my clients to add processes and tools, so they can be malleable, adaptive- have bounce! Resilience is not often thought of as a skill you can practice and hone, but a great leader taps into resiliency seamlessly.