I help teams ramp up to full spectrum thinking. Business gets clear when leaders abandon certainty for clarity. Clarity is the cure for binary thinking.




After 13 years on the oil trading floor, Ebony brings a straightforward and honest  approach to transformational development for leaders. For 20 years, Ebony Smith worked in the Fortune 100 for Ryder, Sunoco Logistics, BP Integrated Supply and Trading, and World Fuel Services. Ebony has a BS in Chemistry from Jefferson in Philadelphia  and a MS Environmental Protection and Safety Management from St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia. She began her career in the operations and logistics side of the energy industry where she managed hazardous operations risk, HSSE compliance and auditing. After 7 years, Ebony eventually made her way to sales, marketing and oil origination, where she successfully developed her industry niche, financial risk management. Ebony worked with exploration and production companies, industrial users, refiners, maritime, and aviation companies on contract oil supply and energy oil price hedging using derivatives.

Ebony understands the needs of  left-brain-leaders and created an equation to uncover and highlight their unique leadership style and acumen. Leaders research ideas, thoughts, and processes to acquire knowledge on the topics, but rarely integrate the information into everyday action. Ebony developed a proprietary model, Build Your Own Accelerator™ which combines a set of core principles, methods and tools to help her clients design better interactions with the people who matter most. Ebony’s goal is to get her clients to build better relationships because when people are engaged the profits, processes and productivity flow easily.

Ebony is designated a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is certified to use a variety of tools and methodology as practitioner/facilitator. Ebony has finally discovered the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture plus deep- rooted passion for personal transformation can equal a life worth living.

“Impact starts with a powerful partnership, shared goals and disciplined intensity.”

Digital and Stage Topics for the Covid-19 Era

Using Full Spectrum Thinking to Up-Level Leaders
Full Spectrum thinking is a futuristic way of leveraging information that will help leaders break free of limiting labels and create new inclusive paths to innovation. Diversity and Inclusion is a major focal point and an integral part of success in the future. Leaders will be tasked with moving beyond stagnant boxes and categories that are obsolete and limit people inside organizations. In this interactive and thought-provoking session, participants will explore the concept of full- spectrum thinking, examine the clarity filters organizations need to thrive in chaos, and learn two processing tools to support progression in team goals

Self-Care While Leading Through a Crisis
Nurturing yourself as a leader during a crisis is hard. You need a blueprint to kick off the mental mindset reset. The type of leader who will succeed in a shape shifting organization will be full of grit, hope and optimism. This talk will review the four interior empires and introduce the leadership literacies needed to thrive in a VUCA environment.

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