I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
Miami, FL
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I Help Leaders Go From Restless to Resilient

I believe that presentations should be accretive. I want the participants to feel the call to execute. Listening to a motivational speech is great in the moment, but the effect is not lasting. When I speak, my talks are catalysts for action and consistent execution.

Ebony Smith Keynote Presentation
Ebony Smith Presentation
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Ebony is an Executive Coach specializing in resiliency, leadership growth and creating high energy relationships. Ebony gained her corporate experience in the oil and gas industry trading financial derivatives. She has worked globally for the past 15 years, leading teams and achieving sales goals. Ebony works with her clients to clarify and align their personal motivators with the corporate objectives. Ebony’s typical clients are senior executives that are successful but feel like a 5% shift is needed. Her clients want to learn tools to enable their growth. They are leaders who possess unrecognized and underutilized skills or strengths. Ebony works with each person’s unique business acumen to develop a personal toolbox of leadership skills. Her clients learn to be all-in, all the time.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

Stress is the Key to Resilience

Everyone can shift how they process stress by redesign the contributing factors. Attendees are walked through a six step process. This is a 60-minute interactive presentation that gives the audience the building blocks to start their 5% shift for exponential growth.

Presenting For Thought Leader

Storytelling is a sizeable part of the economy. People do business with those they know, like and trust. This workshop explains the components needed to write a talk to your organization’s client personas and how to deliver a presentation that builds connection.

Building High Energy Relationships

Learn how to build high-energy relationships and to successfully lead others in their professional and personal lives. This presentation will reduce stress and burden, optimize relationships with others (and with yourself), and create a high-performance environment that nurtures potential and sustains excellence.

Navigating the Choppy Waters of Change

Corporate reorganization, new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, executive shake-ups- These are just a few of the changes many leaders can face during their careers. At times, the amount of change feels overwhelming, and you feel underprepared. While change is inevitable, it takes a mentally flexible individual to embrace the challenges of change and help others adjust to the change within your organization. Resilient, progressive, and strategic change management skills can be taught, sharpened and exercised to equip you to manage the change that comes your way.

Tapping into Flow State to Unlock Your Genius

Do you understand flow state and how to design your day to optimize for peak performance? Think about a time when you were working on something and everything just clicked for you – you were “in the flow.” You may recall that the work you were doing seemed effortless, and you accomplished more than you ever expected or thought you could. You were tapping into your Genius Mind – that powerful place where the analytical mind and the creative senses meet. This presentation helps you understand flow states and to learn to prototype your projects.

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Ebony Smith, Leadership Speaker - Restless to Resilient