Our Mission

To create innovative solutions that bridge the gap between ideas and action.

Ebenum Equation Labs are creative and collaborative experiences tailored to address business challenges. Each Lab format uses a curated set of exercises that deliver in results through engagement with participants – research shows this kind of experimental problem solving produces more effective sustainable solutions!

We are living in an ever more complex, uncertain future.

The only way to get ready for this is by ensuring your company has the right people and systems so they can continue making decisions that will help them thrive no matter what happens around us all day long!



Lab Length

1 to 4 days


1 months


2-8 hours per week


Virtual Facilitator-led
+ Live Learning Lab


Custom Pricing

Reawaken and recharge your team’s passion to engage powerfully with your organization. We work with each client to build a custom action plan.

Our Mission

We all face tough business challenges sometimes and we don’t know where to start. The Custom Lab is an innovative, bespoke participatory session that helps your team get results in record time while also understanding the root cause of their issues so they can be fixed going forward too!

Challenge: When you’re faced with a complex business challenge, don’t know where to start and need results quickly? We can help. The Custom Lab is an individually designed participatory session that will get your team on the right track in no time!

Our approach: The process of change begins with you. Let’s take your team away from the everyday and enable new ways of thinking together! We use behavioral sciences combined with critical thinking  AND organizational development skillsets on every project because they work best when applied sequentially over time rather than all at once (“snowballing”).

Your benefit: With a Custom Lab session at the Ebenum Equation, you’ll be able to clearly identify your challenge and develop potential solutions. You will also define an action plan for solving it with clarity on what steps are needed next!


Foresight Strategy



Critical Thinking

Diversity & Inclusion

Team Chemistry

Data Driven Decision Making

Equitable Futures Lab


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