I work with professionals to discover the perfect equation for exponential growth: working within a corporate culture + a deep rooted passion for personal transformation = a life worth living
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Ebenum Equation / Results
Christian Testimonial
Christian, Training Lead

I wanted to thank you for the work you did with my team members!  It was clearly evident that your workshop and exercises made a profound impact on our team members.  I didn’t have the time to attend all of your sessions, but in the engagement I saw you have with our team members it was evident to me that you were connecting with them in an authentic way!  I can assure you after watching our team members perform their presentations that your lessons were being put to use.

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I want to share one of the many examples I saw where I knew your work made an impact:

Andrea had the first presentation of the day on the first day of CloudUP.  The room was completely packed with our clients, and just as Andrea takes the stage the PowerPoint froze and I had to run up on stage to resolve it!  Andrea did not sweat and confidently continued talking through the presentation and elaborating about the subject as I worked to get the Powerpoint up.  It was a powerful moment, knowing that if she had not received your coaching that we may have had a completely different outcome to this scenario.

Once again, from one Educator to another – Thank You! You’re the real deal!

Beth Testimonial
Beth, University Professor

I’m fortunate to do the kind of work I always wanted to do, but most people in my job are miserable to one degree or another, due to stagnant careers, frequent leadership shifts, and backstabbing behavior. Being surrounded by so much negativity made it difficult to separate the important and unimportant challenges, which impeded my productivity and decreased my desire to go to a job I love. I hired Ebony because I needed to learn how…

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… to thrive in that environment, so that I could move up, not out. Ebenum Equation helped me focus on my work, goals, and progress in spite of what was happening around me. As I found flow, my desire to work increased, confidence was built, and I am achieving my goals again. I recommend Ebony Smith to people who need to find flow again, especially those who’ve been so intentional but are stuck where they never imagined being, wondering what went wrong between the decisions they made and where they are now. Our weekly conversations helped me separate the important challenges from the unimportant ones and refocus on why I do this job. I now have creative responses to the unimportant challenges and the mental energy to address the important ones such that my energy is directed only toward accomplishing my goals.

Troy Testimonial
Troy, Advertising/ Creative Agency VP

Life is continuous process of insight and discovery. So long as we don’t allow ourselves to underestimate the power of openness and receptivity to what wonderful things manifest along our path, our chances of tapping into and expressing our truest selves can be immeasurable. Embarking on Creative Insights Journey, under Ebony’s patient and caring guidance, has proven to be a great moment of reawakening. For well near a decade now, I’ve taken pride and found solace…

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… in the certainty that my ability to express my true self has grown exponentially, to borrow from Ebony’s vision. And yet, having the opportunity to walk along this journey with her, and the other students involved, has shown me how easy it is to take things for granted, especially when the going is good, and things seem truly positive and momentous. (…)

Mona Testimonial
Mona, CEO Motivate Design

Most people think they know what it takes to be a great leader. Where Ebony shines, is not in teaching people what they need to do, but influencing them to search deep into why they aren’t doing what they need to do. What really drives leaders to act in ways, again and again, when they aren’t getting the results they want? Ebony is the master of helping others figure this out.

Milica Testimonial
Milica, Business Coach

“I feel very fortunate that my life’s journey includes the opportunity to work with and learn from Ebony through the Creative Insights Journey (CIJ). Ebony proved to be an excellent and thoughtful program coach, by asking me powerful questions that inspired me to dig deep for answers, and encouraging me to follow the creative sparks that came out as a result. The CIJ and Ebony’s coaching…

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… have armed me with powerful tools that enable me to connect to myself and remain mindful on a daily basis, resulting in a more confident, judgement free, purpose driven and creatively inspired version of myself. These changes have enhanced my life and relationships exponentially. I whole heartedly recommend Ebony’s coaching program, and hope that as many people as possible can benefit from her sincerity and wisdom.”

Testimonials Without Picture
Jennifer, Advertising Executive

“This course came into my life at an opportune time when I was experiencing some transitions professionally and personally. The process was immensely integral in helping me navigate and cope with these transitions. It has taught me powerful life changing tools that I plan to exercise permanently. I’ve learned the importance of being patient and present in the moment. …

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… I also now see the value in carving out one on one time for myself. Ultimately it has given me the courage to approach life optimistically, no matter the challenges/setbacks. It has enabled me to tap into a mindset that will assist me in living life with passion, purpose and impact. I’d like to thank my coach for she has enlightened me in more ways then she knows. ”

Testimonials Without Picture
Maureen, Senior Manager, SIXT

Ebony is the total package in terms of leadership mentoring and customizing client workshops to meet their variety of needs. She is a wealth of knowledge in terms …

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… of enterprise performance and other general business related consulting, as someone with advance experience as both the “client” and “consultant”, Ebony is able in the latter role to identify strengths and weaknesses that a corporation may have and immediate take steps to enhance those strengths and correct those weaknesses. She does this with critical thinking analysis and business acumen. Whether the task is change management, leadership mentoring, financial or less quantitative than that, She is ready to shine and bring any organization public or private to the next level.

Testimonials Without Picture
D'Veda, Global Operations Management Consultant

“Wow, working with Ebony Smith and taking the Creative Insight Journey class has been an exhilarating first- time experience.”

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Lynn, CFA Private Banker

“I highly recommend the CIJ experience with Ebony Smith—her calm, compassionate and insightful facilitation of the program cultivated a highly impactful collective outcome.”

Coaching Case Studies
Case Study #1
We help organizations develop rock star leaders to keep pace with the growth strategy of the c-suite by creating brand evangelists.

Challenge: A team of new millennial middle office managers needed team building, innovation training and leadership skill enhancement.

Solution: The 8-week Leadership C.A.R. (Clarity, Awareness, Resilience) workshop with virtual delivery. The series included a lecture, personal mindfulness design, accountability partnership assignments and leadership skills practice.

Ipad People Working

Results: The leaders became more resilient while pursuing shared goals and objectives. The team’s KPI increased to best in class benchmarks. The accountability assignments led to cross functional networks that strengthen professional relationships and cooperation. The team learned to bring their highest selves and capabilities to each task.  Navigating relationships and challenges became opportunities to engage with integrity.

Case Study #2
We help teams punch above their weight class to KO revenue growth targets. For example, an underperforming sales team completed the year with 30.7% YOY growth, which the client directly attributed to our methodology and support.
Office work

Challenge: Senior management team under transition and sales team underperforming compared to plan.

Solution: Executive Coaching for Team Lead and MBTI Appreciating Differences and Innovation workshops for the sales team. An Internal Performance Mastermind was started for the entire team nine months after the first workshop.

Results: After one year, 16% organic growth and 14% inorganic growth compared to previous year. Open communication, innovation and collaboration became the benchmark for this team.  There was a profound shift in the energy brought to closing the gap between baselines and each desired outcome.

Case Study #3
We help senior leaders pivot and innovate within their current skills to grow into their next position within 6-9 months.

Challenge: Academic Researcher promoted and transitioned to lead a think tank.

Solution: Executive Coaching series with assignments to practice leadership tools. Used design thinking  and prototyping to create a personal leadership toolkit.

Results: We worked with the executive’s unrecognized and underutilized skills around language and connection. Highlighted their unique business acumen with new approaches and ideas. Focused on results and the scoreboard, while shifting the leader from command and control to coach and teacher. We get Results

Corporate Consulting Process - Giving you tools, principles, practice and methods
Client Study Case

Executive Coaching

We are  the strategic thought partner for executives and teams that are successful, but a 5% shift is needed.

Client Study Case

Design Solutions

To design the space between You and X. A set of core principles, methods and tools that you can use to create better interactions between you and the people who matter most.