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Thoughtful Leadership: Perspective Shift


Thoughtful Leadership: Perspective Shift

Thoughtful Leadership: Perspective Shift

Happy Thursday, let’s continue to build on last week’s “Thoughtful Thursday” theme of starting your end of the year review today. (installment 3 of 4). This series is all about bring thoughtful leadership best practices in your self-assessment for your end of year performance review.

It’s easy to list why you aren’t successful, but the reframe for thoughtful leadership is listing the needed resources and telling your management the return on investment. Make your thoughtful request about the organization and the drive to move forward. Remember, “What is missing?” is very different from “What is wrong?”.

This shift in perspective changes the narrative from whining to leadership. It helps you articulate the transformation as a leader. Good luck and schedule a time to start writing this week.


Naming your Leadership Hurdles

(Installment 2 of 4)

List 5 hurdles and how you succeeded in delivering results.

This week’s action is all about sharing your story and the wins you delivered to impact your team’s goals for the year.

A few questions to consider before you start writing:

1. Start your summary with the end in mind. What impact do you want to convey to your management team?

2. Do you want to talk about your relationship skills? If so, write the story highlighting how you built a high energy relationship. If you are mentoring or training others list the events, contributions and results. If you are being mentored, do the same.

3. How can you link the company’s mission, your team’s objectives and the deliverables to your unique skill set?

4. Are you positioning yourself as a solution for the next BIG opportunity? Good luck and schedule a time to start writing this week.

Thoughtful Leadership Self-Audit

(Installment 1 of 4)

Happy Thursday. I was thinking about how you can finish the year with fire.  So, I am dedicating the next four “Thoughtful Thursday” posts to preparing for your end of the year review. Let’s get started.

I am a BIG fan of the self-audit process. Here are a few steps to get started. This should take you 72 minutes a week. If you question why 72 minutes?!? It’s 5% of your day. You are worth 5% of day to plan for your future and navigate the day to day.

1. Schedule time for an unbiased review of your strengthens and opportunities for growth.

2. Review any personality  or attitude assessments, like MBTI or ELI,  you may have taken. Look for fresh insights and new ways to integrate the information into your professional and personal life.

3. Use survey monkey to create a quick way to conduct a 360° review including family and friends.

4. Schedule three 1-on-1 chats with colleagues. Then use the  time for feedback or to get critical information or to strengthen your network. The best time to network is when you don’t “need” anything. Remember to give and offer to help.

Attention energizes but intention transforms. Get started today, schedule these steps for next week.

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Ebony Smith is an executive coach specializing in growth, resiliency, and creating high energy relationships. Her typical clients are mid-career to senior executives that are successful but feel like a 5%-10% shift is needed. They are leaders who possess unrecognized and underutilized skills or strengths. Ebony works with each person’s unique business acumen to develop a personal toolbox of leadership skills . The clients learn to be all-in, all the time. #CorporateCultureMatters #theresiliencearchitect


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